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BtS at APAP|NYC, Jan 6-10 2017.


For the very first time this year, Between the Seas participates in the Association for Performing Arts Presenters expo and conference and coordinates a booth of exceptional Mediterranean artists – former festival participants and new artists who are joining our collective. Our goal with this new initiative is to give the opportunity to Mediterranean artists to be represented in this international gathering of performing arts and enhance their opportunities to gain visibility in the world scene. Find more information about our line up below or consult our brochure.


Rebeca Tomas

"This New York flamenco artist is both a devoted traditionalist and a restless experimenter. She respects the achievements of her art, yet is eager to stretch its boundaries.... Whether they are formally traditional or experimental, all of her dances may be fierce, for Ms. Tomás, though physically tiny, can be awesomely fiery." (NY Times)


Paula Quintana

Flamenco and contemporary (Canary Islands)

Paula Quintana is a very young and exceptionally talented dancer and choreographer from Canary Islands. PIELES (Skin) is her first full length solo choreography where she fuses elements of flamenco and contemporary dance with unique passion and theatricality.


Rachel Erdos

Contemporary (Israel)

Among her many awards, Rachel has been awarded the Prize of Independent Choreographer of the Year (2015) by the Israeli Ministry of Culture. Her highly personal, sophisticated work has been seen around the world including Belarus, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Senegal, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, Tajikistan, the UK, and the USA, at prestigious venues such as the Kennedy Centre in Washington D.C. and the Royal Opera House in London.


E.sperimenti Dance Company

Contemporary (Italy)

E.sperimenti has a unique style that fuses the different backgrounds of its dancers - break dance, hip hop, and contemporary - in an exhuberant mix that enthralls audiences around the world.

The company uses its signature style of combining a variety of genres – hip hop, contemporary etc-- to reconcile-young and old, tradition and innovation with a new, personal, dramaturgical language, lightweight and profound at the same time.



Andreas Arnold

Guitar (New York)

Andreas is a NYC-based guitarist and composer, originally from Germany, that specializes in jazz and flamenco guitar. "Arnold is off the charts with an infectious persona and flamenco playing ... his sound, touch and amazing songwriting are as good as they get." - Heather Savage, Skopemag (USA)



Anna Tonna

Mezzo Soprano (US/Malta)

Anna Tonna's ongoing exploration of classical opera has led to her new project España alla Rossini: a program of songs for voice and piano that highlight Rossini's taste for the Spanish style.


Costas Baltazanis

Guitar (Greece/New York)

“His is a music that taps into the water's vastness, appreciates its beauty, respects and harnesses its strengths, and rides the ever-adjusting tides.” (All About Jazz, review for End of Seas CD)

Album preview available on iTunes


Puppetry & Sand Art

Borja Ytuquepintas Gonzalez

Sand artist Borja Gonzalez creates magical worlds with his live sand drawing using only a glass-top table and a projector. His performances are suitable for children and adults.


Margarita Blush


Puppeteer Margarita Blush brings Unfolding , an international project in which a diverse group of artists have come together to create an inspiring puppet theatre production delving into the themes of women's wisdom and empowerment. The show features exquisitely hand-crafted puppets, live acting, shadow imagery, unique scenography, and original music.


Rocamora Theatre

The purest essence of the Marionette, takes us into an exciting and surprising dramatic search for its own existence, which evolves under various contemporary choreographies, with electronic music, light environments and video backgrounds. Identities, the company's latest creation, is suitable for youth over 12 years old and adults.



Mediterranean Organizations

Kairos Italy Theatre


KIT’s mission is to create a cultural exchange program between Italy, the US and the international community, to unveil the artistic and creative sides of these two countries to the world. In the United States, Kairos Italy Theater is dedicated to spreading the Italian Culture and to creating an Italian Cultural Network in order to support and further increase the knowledge of Italy in the States.



Umanism promotes Italian culture in NYC and services international artists in materializing projects in NYC. Umanism participates in APAP with the work of 3 contemporary Italian choreographers, each specializing in working with different age groups and communities.

Analogio Festival

Analogio is one of Greece's pre-eminent festivals of new dramatic writing. In collaboration with some of the country's major theatres and with festivals in Greece and internationally, Analogio presents the latest developments in contemporary Greek playwrighting in a staged-reading format and has been a launchpad for some of the most important writers in the country.

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