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BtS at APAP|NYC, Jan 6-10 2017.

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Amongst Millions  by Pedro Goucha Gomes (Portugal)

USA premiere

With the current European crisis in mind, Portuguese choreographer P. Gomes has created a 30 minutes long choreography that focuses on the general feelings of frustration, alienation and fear observed in the artist's native country over the past couple of years. In Amongst Millions the body is used as a vehicle for protest: with crude expressiveness, the body is presented as a space inhabited by a wide range of feelings without any filter or artifice. Moving beyond representation to embody only experience, Amongst Millions is a ritualistic work with no ornamentation. Set to orginal music score by composer Miguelangel Clerc . Supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL

About the performer/choreographer: As a dancer P. Gomes has performed with Stuttgart Baller, Compania Nacional de Danza (under Nacho Duato), Netherlands Dance Theater (with Jiri Kylian). Since 2006 he has been choreographing for Scapino Ballet (Rotterdam), The Portuguese Contemporary Dance Company, the Szeged Contemporary Dance Company, Korzo Theater, Kannon Dance.

Pieles  by Paula Quintana (Spain)

USA premiere

Somebody's Jacket... Somebody's jacket which awakens our skin. Skin as a symbol of feelings, of instinct, of emotions, in conflict. A constant struggle of feelings which are nearly always at odds with each other and with us. Pieles (Skin) is an emotional journey combining theater, contemporary dance and flamenco, in which we reconcile ourselves with the humanity of our passions and our instincts, letting the skins smell, sweat, bleed, change and feel.

About the performer/choreographer: Born in Tenerife, Paula Quintana trained in classical, contemporary and flamenco dance from an early age. After gaining her degree in Dramatic Arts she moved to Madrid where she continues to train and perform in dance and theater with numerous choreographers and companies touring across Europe. Pieles is her first full length work. The language she uses to communicate has been developed through years of experience as a performer, as a result of sincere and personal investigation and a genuine need to create.

d r t  by Mari Meade Dance Collective (USA/Turkey)

With d r t, Turkish choreographer Korhan Basaran (a guest artist in BTS 2012) creates a piece for 4 same gender dancers, continuing his quest into the unknown, stepping into it “with a genuine and honest idea, like holding your heart in your hands and sharing it with the others”.

Korhan Basaran is a Turkish-born, NY -based dancer & choreographer, creator of the interdisciplinary company "Korhan Basaran and Artists". His previous works have been performed at the Ailey Citigroup Theater, Baryshnikov Arts Center, The Cunningham Studio, The Beacon Theater, and Baruch Performing Arts Center among others. In Spring 2012 he was commissioned / premiered a new work by the Nimbus Dance Works. He manifests that "Art" is the only way to transform humanity into a better being than where it stands right now. Mari Meade Dance Collective (MMDC) wast founded in 2009 by Mari Meade after receiving the Kenan Fellowship at Lincoln Center Institute. MMDC aims to explore giving audiences a physical, emotional and intellectual experience. Drawn from anthropological research, Mari uses repetition, rhythm, and character development to create accessible atmospheres. Humorous twists inspired by the dancers layer the work with a light and playful air. MMDC often produces multi-media work, collaborating with costumes designers, actors, writers, lighting designers, musicians and scientists.

The Bridge  by Vanessa Tamburi/FLUSSO Dance (Italy/USA)

“I know that I am, because I know there is other than me ” (J. Tischner). Vanessa Tamburi's newest creation explores the Bridge as a metaphor: a reflection on identities, borders, on welcome, on exclusion; a reflection on difference as a source of conflict and inspiration.

About the Artists: FLUSSO dance project aims at functioning as a container for the work of artists, which, through their creations that explore, research and cross various arts, succeed in creating unique and original scenic paths and languages. The interaction and the fusion of theatre, dance, music, videos and visual arts leads to the emergence of unusual, novel and changeable forms and contents. During last years FDP has been involved in cultural projects for social change as The Visa2dance contemporary dance Festival in Tanzania.

Vanessa Tamburi began her career at the National Dance Academy of Rome and went on to study at Mudra, the school directed by M. Bejart, in Brussels. She has worked as a solo dancer for key European theatres, including the Ballet of Montercarlo (direction of P. Lacotte, J.Y. Esquerre, J.C. Maillot), the Hamburg Ballet (direction of J. Neumeier), and the Vienna Opera Ballet (direction of R. Zanella). Building on her professional experience as a classical dancer, Vanessa, over the years, developed experimental contemporary choreographic work, melding dance with contemporary theatre, visual and multimedia art. Her choreographies have been performed in Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, Rwanda, and Tanzania, and in collaboration with numerous theatres they were staged at international festivals in Vienna, Linz, Venice (Biennale Danza), Spoleto (Festival Dei Due Mondi), Prague, Rome (Rome Philharmonic and Auditorium, Park of Music), Tagliacozzo (Middle Summer Festival), and Dar es Salaam.

Rebeca Tomás / A Palo Seco Flamenco (USA/Spain)

The phrase a palo seco refers to the "a cappella" style of flamenco music, typically consisting of singing or percussion alone. That stripped-down aesthetic characterizes some of the company's biggest departures from tradition, featured in this production of Tradiciones Nuevas. While implementing typical Flamenco props, such as the bata de cola (long-train dress) and abanico (Spanish fan), the repertoire in this production will feature the company’s penchant for unconventional fare with an innovative and edgy New York feel.


City-State  by Kanigunda Theater Company (Greece)

North American Premiere

“Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. In a few days from now, the universe will fall on our heads. Which is why you must learn your history.” A mysterious sponsor stages a theatre production before the audience. He invites the play's characters to remember the history of their city, Athens. Song and dance, comedy and drama, historical narrations, politicians and citizens, doctors and patients. The lesson begins with a reference to the defining features of the ancient Greek city-state: freedom, independence, self-sufficiency. Then come the blood, the city planning, the people, the building materials, the conquerors. Roland Barthes insists that “the city is a discourse”. It speaks to its inhabitants and they speak to it by living in it, by wandering through it. The city is a text, too, whose user is also its reader and forms their identity through its narratives. The characters in City-state are users and readers of Athens. They speak the language inscribed on them by the city itself. The production takes a snapshot of their Athens and invents its (hi)story...

About the Company: The Company KANIGUNDA was founded in 2005. KANIGUNDA is not a theatre group in the conventional meaning; it is rather an open convention of collaborating whenever the need and the possibility of staging a performance occurs. The Company’s work focuses on the comprehension of texts, speech articulation and the quest for communicational conventions between the actors during the rehearsals’ period and the performances.

Eyes  by The Arab-Hebrew Theater Center (Israel)

North American Premiere

A Theatrical musical journey, of three actresses, one actor and one camera, following the poems of the poet Mahmoud Darwish. A surreal expedition on a theatre stage, traveling between his childhood in the Galilee to exile in Lebanon. In this trip the actors meet the poet and themselves through the encounter with the mother of the poet, with the revered teacher Shoshana, and through the reunion with Rita - his Jewish lover. The Journey is performed in two languages, Hebrew and Arabic, by Arab and Jewish actors, accompanied by Mira Awad's music and performance. This journey, directed by Norman Issa, enables the Arab-Hebrew audience to meet, here and now, the outstanding poetry by Darwish as well as the landscapes, conflicts and experiences of living in this country.

About the company: In ancient Jaffa, in a multi-arched building overlooking the sea, the Arab-Hebrew Theater creates a unique theatrical language using the building's challenging structure and Jaffa's rich fabric of life. The theater consists of two theatrical groups that produce plays both together and apart in both Hebrew and Arabic. The "Local Theater" continues its thirteen-year artistic tradition of working with both Jewish and Arab artists. The Arab Al-Saraya Theater of Jaffa has brought together Arab artists since it was founded in 1998.

Redshift  by Y. Mavritsakis (Greece)

Between the Seas Theater Productions
Directed by K. Alexaki
World Premiere

With a member of a board as the main character Redshift tells the story of a parasitosis in all its stages from the infection and the incubation to the hatching and the parasite's final emergence.

Between the Seas is proud to come on board as the producer for the world premiere of Redshift and the English language premiere of one of Europe's most distinctive playwrights, Y. Mavritsakis.

About the playwright: Yiannis Mavritsakis studied acting in the Drama School of the National Theater in Athens. He graduated in 1986 and worked as an actor until 2003. He has written 5 plays that have all (except his latest Redshift) been performed in Athens (Poreia Theater, National Theater, Athens Festival) have been translated into French and other languages. He is a recipient of the Karolos Koun Proze for best play (2008) and of the Hortatsis and Palmares awards for best play (2010). His previous play, Vitriol, has been staged in Theatre de la Ville (Paris) and National Theater of Athens directed by Olivier Py.


Suite Camus  by Andreas Arnold (Germany/France/Algeria)

Suite Camus is an interdisciplinary work, an osmosis of music, textx and images that leads into the heart of Camusian ideas and aesthetics. Initiated by the Goethe Institut Paris at the occasion of A. Camus' centenary, the project is a meeting of outstanding young artists from Algeria, France and Germany. The Suite is based on a structure that stems from an entry in Camus' diary from 1945. Here he lists his “dix mots preferes”, the ten words most important to him and his work: “world, pain, earth, mother, man, desert, honor, misery, summer, sea”. Musician Andreas Arnold has composed pieces for each of these key word, fusing elements of jazz, flamenco and electronica to a unique synthesis.

About the artist: Andreas Arnold is a young guitarist and composer based in Brooklyn, NY with five critically acclaimed albums under his own name. He has performed on stages all across Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia with his own groups as well as with other artists. Living and studying both in NYC and Spain his unique guitar style displays the rhythmic drive of flamenco music, the sophistication of classical harmony and the free spiritedness of jazz.


Between the Seas partners with MedFest at Drom for three special events!

Flamenco and the Spanish Vanguard  by Anna Tonna (Spain/USA)

The spectacle “Flamenco and the Spanish Vanguard” is a multi disciplinary show that attempts to illuminate, via dance song and visual projections the protagonist of the early 20th century Flamenco culture and the European Vanguard that were drawn to them. 20th century Spanish music specialist mezzo soprano Anna Tonna, Flamenco dancer Rebecca Tomas, Spanish pianist Maria de los Ángeles Rubio as well as traditional flamenco musicians join forces to create an evening of music by Falla, Lorca, Pittaluga among others with super imposed with images by Picasso, Dali, Picabia, Man Ray and Romero de Torres as well as film clips that will bring to life these artists of the Spanish Silver age and the advent of the European avant garde with its inspired creations upon Flamenco culture.

Greek Shorts

In partnership with the Greek Film Festival

Join us for a relaxed and fun evening at DROM and discover some of the young and emerging Greek and Greek American film makers. Curated by the Greek Film Festival Director J. DeMetro.

Aghera Project.

Àghera is one of the most fascinating music talents that have raised in the jazz scene of the island of Sardinia. An ensemble that takes its spontaneous energy from the harmony and the natural agreement that spring among its components, and lives on their fantasy and intuition; a group that boasts among its components Emanuele Contis playing sax, Andrea Granitzio at piano, Sandro Fontoni at double-bass and Daniele Russo at drums. The Aghera projects begins in 2005. An innovative sound that makes much to melody and, as in an impressionistic painting, gives way to a powerful and effective communication.

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