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BtS at APAP|NYC, Jan 6-10 2017.



What Dreams May Come  by Nejla Y. Yatkin (Turkey)

What Dreams May Come is a new multi media solo dance piece by award winning Turkish choreographer Nejla Yatkin in part supported by the Turkish Cultural Foundation. Set to music by Turkish composers Ahmed Saygun and Kamran Ince, this new solo dance explores the intersection and connection between East and West through movement, space, form, light and shadow. All movements will be structured around, through and against the symbol of infinity (∞) within the body, through light and within architecture of space. Through the combination of multiple elements and cultures What dreams may come... connects identity; the personal with the historical as well as the contemporary with the traditional.

Ms. Yatkin has received the DC Mayors Arts Award for Outstanding Emerging Artist, 6 Metro DC Dance Awards, a 2008 Princess Grace Choreography Award, a 2009 Princess Grace Special Project Award, 4 Artist Fellowship Awards from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities for her excellence in Dance and Choreography. In 2005 she was selected as one of Dance Magazine’s “Top 25 To Watch.

ARAGOSTA (Lobster)  by ASMED-Balletto Teatro di Sardegna (Italy)

World premiere

Choreography: Moreno Solinas
Dancers: Francesca Assiero Brà, Anna Paola Della Chiesa, Rachele Montis
Artistic Director: Massimiliano Leoni
Production assistant: Silvia Muratori
Administration: Elisabetta Corona
Production: ASMED

Supported by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Autonomous Region of Sardinia (ITALY)

The new production by ASMED - Balletto di Sardegna carries on its work of research around the great non-conformist Italian stylist of the thirties, Elsa Schiaparelli, began last year. Nowadays Elsa Schiaparelli still inspires many generations of contemporary artists not only in Italy but also at an international level. This time, the reflection takes shape in ARAGOSTA, a completely new piece enriched with surprising concepts and abstract expression codes. The new choreography stems from that unstoppable pulse to create and express oneself at all costs and despite everything; in spite of the imposed cultural roles, the crushing social conventions and the timeless conflict between the natural and social being.

It has been spontaneous and almost irresistible to associate the stylish exuberance of Schiaparelli with the innovative expressive hardiness of Moreno Solinas, the emerging choreographer, who gives authorship to this new work. Sardinian by birth but Londoner by choice, Solinas distinguishes himself both for his cosmopolitan attitude and North European sensitivity. His never-ending creativity and natural predisposition to catch new aspects and visual angles makes him the most brilliant artist to give an original interpretation of the Italian designer’s genius.

I Am   by Mersiha Mesihovic/Circuit Debris (Bosnia Herzegovina)

Choreography and performance: Mersiha Mesihovic/Circuit Debris

With strength and emotional complexity played out to gritty, percussive yet ambiguous sounds created by Paul Matthis in collaboration with Mesihovic "I am" brings us face to face with the surreal and raw nature of our existence where we can only but once again be astonished with the Inconceivability of our reality.

Dissonance  by Mersiha Mesihovic/Circuit Debris (Bosnia Herzegovina)

Choreography and performance: Mersiha Mesihovic/Circuit Debris

Dissonance explores a perverse position: that the sense of despair Mesihovic associates with her native Bosnia and Herzegovina is fertile ground for the extreme joy expressed in the region’s art. The work express the relationship between despair and joy and the contradictions of being human. It is loaded with sad, amusing and shocking events that challenge our values and questions our perception of what is normal.



The Sacred Way: Protagonist and Hero?  by UNGUARDED (USA/Croatia/Italy/Greece)

The Sacred Way is a theatrical device using performance to addresses the issues of security for refugees/immigrants and their journeys for survival. The Sacred Way celebrates the heroic lives of dislocated people and is allured by Persephone and the Eleusinian mysteries and the existence between the two worlds of life and death. How visible are immigrants in our daily lives? What are the assumptions when we look at them? How often do we recognize their human difficulties until they reach their destination? What and where is a better life? This performance is inspired by the story of Varis Miahel and asks us to consider a refugees journey, that is: “Is 19 months enough for a ten year-old child from Afghanistan to travel alone to Greece- the first border of the European Union?”

Shameful Occurrences, Disturbing Facts, Light And Darkness'  by Mica Dvir (Israel)

An interdisciplinary one-woman show, the performance combines theater, video and performance art to deal with the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank. The work brings up criticism towards Israel regarding its progression within these territories and self-criticism regarding the performer's personal passivity towards the occupation.



Hôtel Méditerranée  by Nadia Foskolou (USA/Greece)

Based on Chuck Mee’s play Matisse’s Self Portrait and the film documentary Yiannis Moralis by Stelios Charalampopoulos, Hôtel Méditerranée is an original new performance by acclaimed Greek director Nadia Foskolou. A collage between live performance and video, this devised piece follows the lives of two renowned painters—a fictional Henri Matisse and the real Yiannis Moralis. By interrogating the negotiation between the everyday burden of making a livelihood and the creative process, Hôtel Méditerranée explores the angsts and pleasures behind all great creativity and behind all human existence. This world premiere will be performed by a bilingual ensemble of Greek and American actors. A Between the Seas Festival co-production.

4x4  (Catalonia, Spain/Kosovo/Greece/Syria)

We are proud to bring you 4x4, a new program of stage readings that brings together American directors, actors and Mediterranean playwrights. In this vibrant artistic meeting audiences and artists will be able to join in talk back panels and discussions, find out about the current trends in contemporary Mediterranean drama and get inspired for further dialogue and collaborations between NYC-based and Mediterranean based artists.

4x4 is made possible thanks to a Manhattan Communities Arts Fund by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. The presentation of Esteve Soler and his work in this program has been made possible thanks to the support of the Institut Ramon Llull.

One Flew over the Kosovo Theater by Jeton Neziraj (Kosovo).

Directed by Doug Howe. With: Raife Baker; Susan Louise O' Connor; Tony Naumovski; Josh Sauerman; Greg Seel. Followed by a discussion with the artists.

The Price by Lena Kitsopoulou (Greece) / A Chance Encounter by Mohammad Al Attar (Syria).

Directed by Noelle Ghoussaini. With: Fajer Al- Kaisi and Peter Ganim (A Chance Encounter); Peter Ganim; Susan Louise O' Connor; Polly Lee (The Price)

The readings of A Chance Encounter and The Price will be followed with a discussion on Arts and Activism with festival participants and guest artists Dena Al Adeeb , Ashley Marinaccio and Soomi Kim. The panel will be moderated by artist, scholar and Art of Brooklyn Film Festival artistic director Joseph Shahadi

Against Progress by Esteve Soler (Catalonia, Spain).

Directed by Tamilla Woodard and Ana Margineanu. With: Francesco Andolfi; Kenneth Heaton; Vanessa Kai; Pep Munoz; Patricia Randell; Eileen Rivera; Reza Salazar; Madison Welterlen. The readings will be followed by discussions with the playwright, directors and translator.

Against Democracy by Esteve Soler (Catalonia, Spain).

Directed by Tamilla Woodard and Ana Margineanu. The readings will be followed by discussions with the playwright, directors and translator.

Against Love by Esteve Soler (Catalonia, Spain).

Directed by Tamilla Woodard and Ana Margineanu. The readings will be followed by discussions with the playwright, directors and translator moderated by translator and Catalan scholar Sharon Feldman


Art Event

Performance and Visual Artist Elias Wakeem, also known as Madam Tayoush, is an emerging queer Arab Palestinian artist living and working in New York City. Through performance she examines the reaction of the audience to her personal story of the place she grew up in with its geographical, historical and political situations. Madam Tayoush created over the past few years a series of monthly radical queer drag ball parties in Jerusalem called “Jerusalem is Burning”.


Music: BtS@Drom

Juan Antonio Simarro  (Spain)

Spain - born Juan Antonio Simarro is a composer and musical producer for film, theatre and television. After the release of his first solo self –titled album, the artist is focusing in the promotion and worldwide spread of the 11 pieces for piano, violin, viola, violoncello, upright bass and ukulele contained in this magnificent work. Simarro has composed and produced countless themes for the main national Spanish tv channels and many popular commercials include his tunes. His work as musical producer of the play Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde has been incredibly praised. Also in film, his work includes collaborations in the original soundtrack and musical production ofDiamantes Negros. As a live and recording artist he has played keyboards and piano for international artists such as Julio Iglesias.

For a second year, BtS partners with Drom to bring you music from the Mediterranean.

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